Sports Managment

Many of you have probably already gathered that this blog will be about recreation and sports management and many people immediately relate this to some type of coaching. I am here to tell you that this topic covers a lot more than coaching and can include a wide range of athletics from professional, college, local leagues, sports associations and the representation of individual athletes. Also for people who are looking to somehow stay involved in sports as the careers end, such as mine if you count playing at the JC(Junior College) level, or if you are just looking for a job and are interested in sports there are numerous opportunities available. Sports directors, scouts, agents, and broadcasters are few jobs on the list amongst various others.

This blog will try to focus on the sports for local leagues, and how they help bring together a community and create a positive influence on young athlete’s lives, although at times some of my posts may be related to college athletics. You may want to follow this blog if you are into sports or looking to find a job somehow related to sports management. I will not be covering ANYTHING at the professional level because this area already draws so much attention in the media and I will not be blogging about my favorite team.

I believe that I can provide a unique perspective on this subject from being a former athlete and from the current/former college and professional athletes I know and gaining a little insight how they view some college policies, such as title nine, college athletes being paid, and the competitiveness of youth sports. Lastly I feel I should mention that I may be a little bias towards baseball since that is what most of the athletes I speak with are currently doing.

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