Small Ball

Little League baseball helps provide kids with an opportunity to learn skills such as teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, along with many other skills. Little League has also helped to bring the community together to help our youth grow in a positive environment, but I believe lately we having being sending these youths the wrong message.

Think about this…. Around 30 years ago there was 1 All-Star team that consisted of 15 of the best players. When I was in little league there were two All-Star teams. This allowed for around 30 kids to play either on a 9-10 all star team or an 11-12 all star team. Now imagine that there is a renegade team, 9-10 team, hooligan team, 11 year old team, and a 12 year old team. Well if you can’t imagine that just go down your local ball park and you will see around 75 kids who make the All-Star team yearly.

Now many of you are probably asking yourself, how are more All-Star teams hurting our youth? I believe that by creating these extra “All-Star” teams, with average players, we have developed a system where kids are rewarded for participation rather than competition. Instead of being rewarded for being the best of the best, more and more kids are making the team because there are so many spots to fill!

The All-Stars used to consist of kids who spent extra time practicing and developing their skills, where now most kids make the team if they participated and showed up to every game. What will happen later in life when these kids get a job? Will they expect to get a promotion just for showing up to work? Will they believe that by accomplishing the minimal work they deserve recognition? Will they think that participating in daily work activities and not contributing to the company will lead to greater opportunities?

I would like to end by saying I think Little League is an awesome opportunity for kids to get out and learn quality skills, meet other children, and a great way to bring communities together. I do feel, however, that the All-Star teams need to make an adjustment back to rewarding those who truly deserve it. This will bring the spirit of competition back to our youth, help them strive to succeed and be the best, and hopefully, in the long run translate to their everyday lives. Leave me a comment if you like, I will try to respnd within 24 hours

4 Responses to Small Ball

  1. good stuff, keep it coming

  2. Dario Hunt says:

    I’m liking this post. I agree that the way most sports leagues are set up now are only setting these kids up later in life. If you want to be the best I think you should have to work for it. That’s just the way the world works. Competition has been lacking as a result.

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