Think Again: Youth Sports on the Rise

With the economy being down and the cost of youth sports increasing you would think that youth participation numbers would be down. Add to that youth’s growing interest in technology and videogames you would think there is no way youth sports is more popular today. Well if you have the same though process as me you would be wrong!
Youth sports are bigger than ever today, as they should be. The main reason, in my opinion, is the rewards outweigh the costs. Now, besides the very obvious rewards, building a healthy body, and helping children develop a sense of what they can and cannot do, it can

1) Build Relationships– Some of the strongest relationships I have built within my life are those people I met playing sports, either with peers or coaches. Many of my friends have come just from having a common goal, usually trying to win, or sharing interests as other players on the team. Also, coaches can give guidance to the kids, while being a very persuasive role model.

2) Confidence– Through sports many individuals can gain confidence. I know personally sports have helped me develop confidence by placing me in challenging situations. I did not always succeed in these situations, but even my failures have helped me grow into confident young man, or that’s how I view myself.

3) Commitment– Youth sports can give a child a sense of commitment. Just by having the child show up each practice they will gain a sense of commitment. Then add in that kids are dedicated to a common cause and you can see how it helps them commit to a team, cause, or themselves.

4) Leadership– Now there are two types of leaders in my opinion and it differs with each person. The first is a vocal leader who helps get the team going. The second is leading by example. Both are very important to develop as a child.

5) Proficiency– Lastly, it helps children become more proficient. At each practice you have kids working on different aspects of the game (hitting/defense/shooting), and helps them develop skills to become more efficient.

These are only a few of the many skills your child could gain. I think it is obvious why sports are stilling growing. Hopefully, the skills that are established at a young age will continue to be applied when they grow up and can be taken into their careers as adults.

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