Losing Interest

I know I would not talk about professional sports but I felt compelled to mention comments made by Curtis Granderson, a professional outfielder. For those of you who do not know he recently made a remark about African American youth’s lack of interest in baseball. Now, I want to argue that all American youngsters are losing interest in the sport for a few simple reasons…

Baseball is boring. I hate to say this because I love baseball, but the general perception of baseball is the games are too long, there is not a lot of runs scores, and overall lacks action. Many kids would rather watch a high flying above the rim dunk or an acrobatic circus catch in the endzone.

Baseball has done a poor job marketing their sport. Since, steroids have been dropped from the league and there is no longer a record being broken ever year with moon shots into McCovey Cove, baseball has lost its appeal. Unlike the NBA, who promotes it young players such as, Derrick Rose or Kevin Durant, and sends them into the community where everyday people can speak to and relate with the players. Major League Baseball players have a couple hours before each game to mingle with fans for a limited amount of time.

Finally, baseball is hard. In a society that rewards instant success, baseball is difficult. In my opinion it is the hardest of three major American sports. All you need to do to prove this is look at the success rates in each sport. I mean a good baseball player is succeeding 3 out of every 10 at bats. If you compare this to basketball where a good shooters make around 45% of his shots, or a quarterback who completes around 60% of his passes. It is easy to see why a kid might choose a sport where he is more likely to succeed and would not have to deal with as many failures.

So in a way Curtis Granderson is right, the interest in baseball is declining. For the sport to gain interest I believe players, coaches and management should promote and market themselves further and as a family friendly activity that any can enjoy. Leave a comment below if you want to add anything.

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