Paid to Play?

With college football arriving soon and college basketball coming shortly after that, one question that arises year after year is: should college athletes be paid? Sorry I did not include other sports, but let’s be honest, football and men’s basketball are the main source of revenue for most colleges.

College athletes do not deserve to be paid. They are student-athletes who get scholarships, discounted merchandise, room and board, and get to play in front of thousands of fans who love them.

As I have mentioned they are getting an opportunity to go and play in front of thousands of fans who love, and maybe on occasion worship athletes. Some fans even think they play harder because they are not being paid, but I’d like to think it’s the competition and the desire to win that drives these players.
They also receive scholarships which pay for a large portion, if not all of their school. Now, if these athletes have some sort of career ending injury, then the education received will help to find a quality paying job that they can perform for the remainder of their lives.

If these athletes were paid, it would change Universities. It would change college sports to more of a professional or semi-professional industry. Universities would lose money and probably have to drop other sports teams or areas of education to pay these players.

College is an experience. The majority of students are experiencing the same college life-style that the athletes are, that being one with very little money. Finally, if these athletes are talented enough, one day they could be making millions of dollars to do what they love! Feel free to leave a comment and come back tomorrow to read why they deserve to be paid.

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