All About the Benjamin’s

If you read my article yesterday you will know that this is the other side of the argument about college athletes deserving to get paid for their performance. Again, we are only talking about those athletes who are playing football or college basketball, because they generate millions of dollars for universities.

College athletes deserve to be paid. College athletics is a multimillion dollar entertainment business. The universities receive millions of dollars a year for providing facilities and bringing in these young athletes, but the main attraction does not receive any compensation. Isn’t it about time these athletes get a piece of the pie?
The fans come to watch the players. There are millions of dollars made each year from tickets and jerseys being sold. The college athlete never sees a cent of the money that millions of fans pay. Instead there are told if they accept these illegal benefits they will punished.

No one is coming to see Chris Ault, fans want to see that high powered offense that averages 41 points a game. So why is that, from a study taken in 2008, 42 of the 119 DI coaches receive over 1 million dollars? You can’t possible convince me that Chris Ault was worth more than Colin Kaepernick.

I recently saw an article where the NCAA and CBS made 13 year contract, worth around 10.8 billion dollars. This money is for March Madness, for those of you who don’t know that is the college basketball tournament, held at the end of each year. Why shouldn’t the players get a slice of this money since it is athletes everyone will be tuning in to watch.
All signs point that college athletes will not be paid. The NCAA stands firm that it won’t allow these players to be paid. At least give these players a chance to make a little side cash. If someone wants to pay these players to come speak at an event, or endorse a product, let them. This would allow the University to still maintain all its revenue and give the player a little extra cash.

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