Continue Your Career Off the Field

If you love sports, as I do, and are not talented enough to play sports professionally, don’t worry, because there are many opportunities for individuals to find a job in a sports related field. Depending on what you are looking to do, there are many careers to choose from.

Coaching is a great option for the individual who loves to stay close to the field. Now, trying to find a head coaching gig immediately may be difficult, but don’t worry many people start as assistants and make their way up. It also allows you to develop relationships with the athlete and can watch them succeed throughout their career. Starting at the high school level may be your best option to get a spot and slowly start making your way up the ladder.

Another option is to be an athletic director. This would be for the person who wishes to deal with all sports. You will not deal as much with on the field issues, but you will help make schedules, deal with coaches, and be watching the budget for your department.

You can also be a trainer. This may be for the person who is into health care and wants to watch for the player’s safety. You may also be working on conditioning or weight training for the athletes. This will help them to better develop their skills.

If you enjoy searching for talent or believe you are personable, you may want to look at being a scout or recruiter. Recruiting and scouting would be for the person who loves to travel. They will go around the country to evaluate talent and make first contact with the players. In this position you may have to work closely with the coach, since many coaches happen to be scouts and recruiters. In the end the coach will make the final verdict on the athlete, but you may have a big part in the process.

These are only a few of the many positions available in the sporting world. These are the first job that came to mind for me, because these are the positions that interest me. Just remember that if you love sports, your career does not have to end when you come off the field.


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