Sports Blogs

I have been following a few blogs and would like to mention a couple that I found the most interesting. There a lot of sports blogs out there and many of them are very boring and basically follow EVERYTHING you could learn from watching ESPN. Below are a couple that I found, which have many great ideas depending on what you are interested in.

The first is Ask Coach Wolff. This site is written by a few bloggers who have done a tremendous amount of research on youth sports. They have some great articles on anything from sports safety, parents vs. coaches, players vs. coaches, and travel teams. There blog can be read by anyone who has an interest sports and will appeal to a wide variety of people including; coaches, players, parents, or the avid sports fan.

The next blog on what to mention is jbmthinks. This blog is written by Janis Meredith, who has spent her whole life around sports. Her blog concentrates on helping sports parents get their families active, give advice on trendy new items, and more importantly making good people through the process of sports. She also has a few inspirational stories my favorite which was of Brandon Crawford and philosophy to never quit.

The last blog I would like to mention is Sports Coaching Brain. I recently found this blog and he has some great articles on sports, coaching, sports science, and sports performance. He has a large variety of categories to choose from depending on what you are interested in. I think I may have enjoyed this blog the most because he had so many informative topics and really helped me realize some effective ways to utilize my skills.

These are only a few of the blogs I read and I am sure there are other great articles out there. I would love to hear any recommendations of other sports blogs that you find interesting.

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